At Lamb Silver we share a passion for collecting silver, coins, and all things antique. We all have a fascination with form, style and history. Early American silver and rare United States coins are treasures to hold, appreciate and pass on to future generations. Their beauty and individual characteristics help to make each piece unique. We have teapots that were being used in Boston during December 1773, when Samuel Adams led the Sons of Liberty to dump the hated chests of British tea into the harbor. Just as alluring are silver dollars from our young new republic minted in 1795. These pieces are our history and they help to tell that story.

We hope collecting brings you as much pleasure as it does us. At Lamb Silver we strive to have some of the finest examples for your consideration, so you may experience the same pride of ownership. They may also serve as that perfect unique gift. Feel confident that every item offered is 100% guaranteed authentic. Please email or call to discuss anything in our inventory and remember: we are always interested in purchasing more.


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