Bartholomew Le Roux Tankard

Bartholomew Le Roux tankard.



This is an amazing early Huguenot tankard from about 1710, made in New York. Bartholomew lived from 1663-1713. Less than 20 objects made by him survive and he was the first Huguenot goldsmith in New York. The arms are for the Van Rensselaer family. The cover has a scroll shaped thumb piece, the handle with a lion couchant and a cherub mask terminal. The body engraved with the Van Rensselaer coat of arms, heraldic cartouche, acanthus leaves, ribbon tied husk garlands and infants. The foot has applied wire below the leaf cut border. His sons and grandson learned silversmithing from him. The Tankard stands 7 7/8 inches tall to the top of the scroll. It weighs 38 Oz. 8 Dwt. There was a very similar tankard sold by Christies on January 18, 2002, lot 309. This tankard appears to have been spouted and despouted at one time, unfortunately. Or, perhaps, fortunately, as it’s valued accordingly. It has been suggested that the process of adding a spout was begun but never finished. This actually appears the more likely scenario. The magnificent heraldic engraving is mostly unblemished. Likely the process was planned and started and then the workers decided that it was best to leave it alone. In any event the piece displays as magnificent. The color and surfaces are very good quality. The tankard is marked boldly twice on the base. NFS