Z Error coins SOLD

Collection of United States error coins SOLD



This collection of US error coinage is brand new to the market.  The 1865 1C 25% O/C NGC MS65Bn is SOLD. The 1918 5C 25% O/C PCGS AU53 is SOLD. It sold at Heritage for $2310 in March, 2005. The 1956 D 1C on dime planchet in PCGS MS64 is SOLD. It brought $1495 at Heritage in February, 2008. In January, 2011 they sold an MS63 for $1840. The group of 4 off metal 1943 cents is kind of special. These days a 1943 copper can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. the ones on silver planchets are very cool but much more reasonably priced. The 1943 1C on dime NGC VF35 is SOLD. Heritage sold a VF35 for $2932 in February, 2002 (not this example). The 1943 1C on dime ANACS AU detail scratched net 45 is SOLD. It sold at Heritage for $2645 in January, 2008. The 1943-S 1C on dime NCS XF detail, Clipped plan, scratched is SOLD and the 1943-S 1C on dime ANACS VF20 is SOLD.

The collection is also available as a whole at an even better price.


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