Colonial Silver: 3 Most Popular Types of Antiques

Today, American silver items from the Colonial era are a highly sought after commodity. Not only do they hold value in the weight of the silver, but they also represent a piece of our American history. Consequently, there is likely to be an enormous amount of American silver items still being owed by private estates. Some families might not even know that the silver cup they like to display is actually a valuable antique! Lamb Silver’s collection embodies the most popular silver items created during Colonial America.

Silver in Colonial America had infinite uses and was often used for luxury items. The durability and versatility of silver (since it can be melted down and repurposed) meant that common household items could be fashioned by silversmiths or recreated into something unique for a particular person.


Here is a list of the most popular antique silver items we see from Colonial America:


Silver and Metal Shoe Buckles


This includes shoe buckles, knee buckles, neck buckles and more.

Silver & Metal Shoe Buckles by Standish Barry Circa 1790

Antique silver shoe buckles out of Colonial Maryland. Standish Barry was originally a watchmaker and engraver, but was also an active silversmith. Most silversmiths of the Colonial era had other duties aside from creating silver items.


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Set of 6 Silver Spoons by Van Dyk Circa 1720


This includes ladles, spoons, and more.

Set of 6 Silver Spoons by Van Dyk Circa 1720

Silver spoons are the earliest form of silver flatware. Sterling silver was too soft to use for forks and knives, which is why you typically see spoons as the most popular collectible silver item.


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American Silver Cann by Myer Myers - Full View


This includes canns, salts, creamers and more.

Myers Silver Cann Circa 1754-58

“Cann,” known in England as a mug, were used for hot and cold beverages. The Colonial America silver cans have a distinct slight belly to their cylindrical shape. Moreover, this cann by the famous Myer Myers, is particularly decorative, as he made silver items for the elite.


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