Thomas You Creamer - Rare Antique

American Silver Creamer by Thomas You Circa 1770-80


An American silver creamer by Thomas You.
Charleston, SC circa 1770-80
Height 5 3/8 inches 5 oz

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Thomas You is thought to be the son of the silversmith Daniel You. He was one of South Carolina’s well known patriotic craftsman. Thomas You boycotted British imports and was imprisoned for several months after refusing to sign a petition to surrender during the 1780 British siege of Charleston. Furthermore, he was the only silversmith to not sign the petition to surrender.

This piece by You not only is beautifully crafted, but also marks an important time in American history. It is representative of how one South Carolina craftsman reacted to unjust tax, with the promotion of locally manufactured goods.

Thomas You’s work is highly sought after and very rare. This silver creamer from Lamb Silver is in excellent condition. The initials “T*Y” on the base shows its authenticity. A very desirable piece of Charleston history.


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